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Jeremy Corbyn: we need a transparent, accountable Brexit

Sun, 06/11/2016 - 17:10

There is nothing more unpatriotic than not paying taxes, and we have spent too long allowing good employers to be undercut by those refusing to play by the rules. Yesterday, I addressed Class – the Centre for Labour and Social Studies – speaking on how we can reverse six years of Tory failure and savage […]

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The purpose of demonizing Putin

Fri, 04/11/2016 - 07:59

Excerpted from War Is A Lie by David Swanson. Wars are not fought against flags or ideas, nations or demonized dictators. They are fought against people, 98 percent of whom are resistant to killing, and most of whom had little or nothing to do with bringing on the war. One way to dehumanize those […]

David Swanson

Anti-Brexit ruling gives surprise ‘victory for Parliamentary Democracy’

Thu, 03/11/2016 - 18:09

High court ruled government does not have unilateral power to withdraw the U.K. from the E.U. by triggering Article 50 by Nadia Prupis, staff writer for Common Dreams The U.K.’s High Court on Thursday ruled that only British Parliament can decide to leave the European Union, slowing Prime Minister Theresa May’s unilateral Brexit plans in […]

Pressenza London

So Now the Election has Come Down to e-mail

Thu, 03/11/2016 - 11:34

Danny Katch tries to untangle the media frenzy about the FBI and mystery e-mails. CLINTON VS. TRUMP was bound to anticlimax with something out of an Onion headline, and apparently this is the one we’re going to get: “Content-less Election Rocked by Information-less Revelation that May or May Not Involve Anthony Weiner.” In news that […]

Pressenza New York

Susan Sarandon endorses Jill Stein

Thu, 03/11/2016 - 07:37

Here is the letter of endorsement sent by actress Susan Sarandon to Jill Stein’s campaign: Dear Jill and team, I’ve been waiting for any indication that Hillary Clinton’s position on the issues that are most urgent to me, has changed. But … She does not support the $15 minimum wage. She shows no support for […]

Pressenza New York

Inequality as Policy

Wed, 02/11/2016 - 20:41

Globalisation and technology are usually presented as natural and inevitable. In fact their course, insofar as they have led to greater inequality, this has been the result of conscious policy choices. It is much easier to have an economic system that produces more equality rather than one that needlessly generates inequality, which we then try to address with […]

Redazione Italia

How to revitalise progressive politics in Brexit Britain

Wed, 02/11/2016 - 10:35

By Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25-Another Europe event at the LSE on October 8, 2016. Before the referendum DiEM25, our Democracy in Europe Movement, and Another Europe Is Possible, joined forces to argue the ‘IN the EU and AGAINST this EU’ line. In town hall meetings, on the streets, on radio and television, in newspaper interviews and […]

Pressenza London

Spain’s ousted opposition leader reveals where the real power lies: with the country’s oligarchs

Tue, 01/11/2016 - 19:52

Spain’s deposed Socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, revealed that banks and newspapers secretly pressured him not to do a deal with Podemos. By Luis Martín 31 October 2016 for openDemocracy Let Mariano Rajoy stay in power or bring on a third round of elections. Those were the only choices that the former Secretary General of the […]

Pressenza London

USA: What Are We to Think?

Mon, 31/10/2016 - 15:37

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century A cascade of developments should make us afraid of what seems to be emerging politically in the United States at this time. Although politicians keep telling us how great we were or will be or are. Donald Trump has ridden a wave of populist enthusiasm touting […]

TRANSCEND Media Service

I Daniel Blake film depicts UK reality, says Jeremy Corbyn

Sun, 30/10/2016 - 17:19

“I’m quoted in this excellent review of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, and was honoured to attend the premiere last week. Recently, I’ve drawn attention to the scandal of low-pay Britain – the Tories have failed to provide security and opportunity for those in work. As ‘I, Daniel Blake’ so poignantly shows, they also fail those out […]

Pressenza London

Venezuela: dialogue of the Government with the Opposition begins

Sun, 30/10/2016 - 16:36

Caracas, Oct 30 (Prensa Latina) The public dialogue between the government and the opposition for peace in Venezuela begins here today, but the envoy of the Catholic Church, Emil Paul, announced that it would be carried out in the Margarita Island, in the state Nueva Esparta. The venue of the negotiations was changed at the […]

Prensa Latina

Opinion: Arms exports – Germany a party to war

Thu, 27/10/2016 - 09:21

Once again, Germany’s arms exports have increased – including to Saudi Arabia. The oil-rich kingdom is waging war in Yemen. By supplying it with weapons Germany, too, is a warring party, writes Matthias von Hein. “The German government pursues a restrained, responsible arms export policy.” These are the reassuring words on the website of the […]

Deutsche Welle

DiEM25: The Pan-European Movement is Picking Up Speed

Wed, 26/10/2016 - 13:04

A quick recap of where DiEM25 is today: The movement kicked off in Berlin last February, quickly followed by two other important events in the Spring: the launch of DiEM25’s Transparency campaign in Rome, and its Refugees and Migration Assembly in Vienna. The summer saw DiEM25 get organised: it established itself legally, thousands of its […]


Belgian Socialist Region Threatens to Block Major EU-Canada Trade Deal

Tue, 25/10/2016 - 13:02

A major trade deal between the European Union and Canada appears to be on the brink of collapse, after Belgium announced it would not sign the treaty amid massive local opposition in three regions of Belgium. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, known as CETA, was expected to be signed this week. It requires the support […]

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