Let's defend democracy in Ecuador

Let's defend democracy in Ecuador - [field_topic-terms]

The International Humanist Party rejects the intent of putsch that is being carried out in Ecuador, using as a pretext labour demands of police officers who took over barracks as a way of protest.

This intent to overthrow President Rafael Correa, is not just one more step among the pressures exerted by the right wing in that country, but ads up to the coup intents suffered by other governments in the region which dared to confront the economic powers that be. This was the case in the past years with the failed intents in Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina, and that was the case of the de facto government which took possession in Honduras.

We cannot allow a repetition of the case of Honduras nor Latin America to go back in history, suffering again, as in past decades, the bloody dictatorships imposed by the economic power and its autochthonous military mercenaries.

In order to defend the democracy in Ecuador it will be necessary for all the governments of the world to firmly declare themselves, as already the UNASUR did, in defence of Correa´s legitimate government, and it will also be necessary that the peoples mobilise themselves in defence of the rights of the Ecuadorian people.

For this reason, the Humanists of the world urge all the governments to pronounce immediately against this putsch and we manifest to all the diplomatic representations of Ecuador our solidarity with President Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian democracy.

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