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The decease occurred on 16th at 23h05 in Mendoza Argentina

The International Coordinating Team of the Humanist Party regrets to inform the decease of the philosopher Mario Luis Rodríguez Cobos (Silo), founder of “Universalist Humanism” or “New Humanism”, school of thought in which numerous institutions were originated: The Community for Human Development, the Humanist Party, the Centre of Cultures (now called Convergence of Cultures), the World Centre of Humanist Studies, World Without Wars and violence and multiple fronts of action.

These organisations carried out the World March for Peace and Non-violence which travelled the world, departing from Wellington in New Zealand on October 2, 2009 to end at Punta de Vacas, Mendoza, Argentina on January 2, 2010.

In recent years, with the aim of spreading Silo’s message his friends and disciples created numerous Parks of Study and Reflection in Punta de Vacas (Mendoza), La Reja (Buenos Aires), Manantiales (near Santiago de Chile) and another 27 are under construction with different levels of development, all around Africa, North, Central and South America, Asia and Europe.

At this moment thousands of people around the world are bound to the levelling of the preliminary studies to the Four Disciplines (Energetic, Formal, Material and Mental) whilst thousands are attending at and several hundreds have completed them and are preparing for teaching. Simultaneously, the political proposal, the organisations which disseminate Non-violence, those who fight against all forms of discrimination, seek nuclear disarmament and march for peace, dedicate to the study of ethical knowledge as much as seek the convergence of cultures, work in the social environment in order to lay the foundations of a Universal Human Nation.

Master Silo’s work is in the world and his memory will remain in the minds of people who have known his doctrine which has the human being as it’s fundamental value and concern.

Guillermo Sullings - Secretary General
Efren Osorio - Secretary of Institutional Relations
Luis Ammann - Press Secretary

Press Office Phone: (5411) 15 5007 3800 - (5411) 43,830,825

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