Manifestation with 300 000 in Portugal

Manifestation with 300 000 in Portugal - [field_topic-terms]

On March 12 in Portugal, the largest mobilization since the Revolution of 1974 happened, involving 300,000 people in 11 cities. The call was initiated through Facebook by four young people, outraged by the poor working conditions. They called the protest “Geração à rasca”, that means, “Generation in Trouble”.

The theme of the event began as the lack of future for young people, but on last saturday people of all ages took to the streets.

The mood was cheerful, non-violent and there was much diversity.

The Humanist Party was present in Lisbon and Porto, giving a signal to the theme of nonviolence.

Young people want to continue to organize. The Humanist Party will give its contribution to this wave of rebellion that is forming, trying that this signal is translated with kindness for the construction of a nonviolent future.

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