International internal elections

From 01/06/12 to 03/06/12 inclusive, will be carried out simultaneously, international internal elections with the participation of the full members from 22 countries in 4 continents. In these elections a new International Coordination Team and new National Coordination Teams of our party, will be elected among the 121 candidates that have applied.

At a time when the populations of the world are looking for new options to carry out deep social transformations in the framework of Non-Violence, and through the practice of Real Democracy, the International Humanist Party holds its full validity as an alternative to the decadence of the traditional politics in formal democracies. In that sense, the direct election of all the coordination teams and the binding consultation on all major decisions are an important step on the path to true democracy.

It is good to remember that even when our party does not have the same development in all the continents, our electoral process will ensure the participation in the International Coordination Team of at least one representative from each continent and up to a maximum of two representatives per country, as a way to ensure diversity in the composition of this team. In a similar way the representation of minorities in the national teams will be ensured by way of direct voting for individual candidates rather than lists.

These elections will be carried out by electronic voting at this same Web page, at which there are available as well the electoral procedures and the complete list of candidates with their proposals and comments, for those who want to be informed.

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