Next October 7 the presidential elections are to be held in the Republic Of Venezuela that constitute a milestone in the process of structural change taking place in that country and in many others in South American. In response, the Coordinating Team of the International Federation of Humanist Parties (Humanist International) established and communicates its position, as below: –We support the transformation process with a humanistic sense that leads the President Hugo Chavez Frias in the context of a Latin America in a way that works for the advancement of the people. In this regard, the contribution of Venezuela through ALBA, and within the Union of South American Nations and Mercosur, is a clear step towards the constitution of a regional bloc that goes in the direction of the Universal Human Nation. –The revolutionary process that is unfolding in Venezuela is an important reference for all who work from the standpoint of Universal Humanism in over 120 countries, for nonviolent change towards a society that puts people at the maximum value and as a central concern. – We are conscious of the manipulation, misinformation and undemocratic behaviour of the media, controlled by the ombudsmen of neo-liberalism and the forces of international financial capital; we urge that this situation be repudiated. Governments and UNASUR progressives are affected in varying degrees by negative reviews constantly taking place by those representing capital concentrations. –We support the candidate Hugo Chavez in the upcoming elections on October 7 of this year, as a step towards the consolidation of a real participatory democracy, in which the real power is in the hands of the people. In this aspect, we note in the revolutionary process in Venezuela a clear demonstration effect which opens possibilities of transforming the formal democracies (kidnapped by international finance capital), into real democracies. – We know that if progress is only for a few, it is a no man’s progress. Things will only progress if it is by all and for all. We understand that this is the direction of the process in Venezuela and in that sense, the country is an example of great interest for all the Latin American peoples and the world who aspire to a more fair and more free governmental system. –We expect humanist Venezuelan citizens know that they are supported by simple and decent people, who follow the affairs closely and in their hearts to celebrate the achievements of the organization through the base social act, showing progress moving toward equal rights and opportunities for all. – Finally, we say that Venuzuala has shown the world that good people are in the majority; it is hoped that when the people give responsibilities, the response is to overcome selfishness, lack of solidarity and the absurd. And we sincerely hope that this effort, with a humanistic sense, succeeds in the upcoming elections. Peace, Force and Joy to you all. Long Live United Latin American! Humanist International. September 28, 2012.

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