May we express our fraternal greetings and solidarity to our brothers
of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela at this time when it is
important to know that they are not alone.
President Chavez is not dead, his figure will remain in the hearts of
all free men and women of the world; his actions will never stop, not
ever, and those people who have shared his ideals are the people who
will carry out the dream of Bolivar, of Chavez and many others.
We humanists that share the first and last ideal of a Universal Human
Nation and who, like Chavez, work every day side by side with those
who also share the dream of a world where, finally, the human being is
freed from all the enchainments that oppress us, we salute all our
Longing to build together this project, supporters in Asia stand and
shout to the world and especially to our brothers and sisters in Latin
America: “Freedom”.
Viva Latin America, Viva the free men and women of the world, VIVA CHAVEZ!


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