Humanist condemn the threat of attack on Syria

Humanist condemn the threat of attack on Syria - [field_topic-terms]

Peace is a collective construction.

Humanists condemn the threat of attack on Syria by the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at the request of the United States of America. It is a despicable attitude that is intended to solve from third countries a political confrontation inside another country, and even more when they intend bombing a population.

Interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state implies a violation of international standards which is compounded by endangering the lives of civilians. It becomes an irrational act when excessive military power is used.

There is no doubt that the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain have delivered weapons to mercenaries of different colours to overthrow the president of a government to which they are ideologically opposed. The pretext to intervene directly is the use of chemical weapons - but that was exposed from the beginning of hostilities. After two and a half years and at a low point for the mercenary forces, now this pretext and plan is announced . It is a case similar to Iraq, which involvement caused one million deaths and the destruction of the economy and social infrastructure and all to seize Iraqi oil. Further, we must not overlook that the powers ready to attack Syria are nuclear powers, which puts world peace at high risk.

We also denounce the failure of the United Nations organisation for not acting to stop foreign military intervention and to remain marginalized when it is still possible to find a peaceful solution through its body or through the intervention of third countries plus its mediation.

Humanists condemn this intervention by an imperialist country and its accomplices, deplore that there is no contribution by the peace-loving countries, and call for sanity to prevail to avoid more victims joining the tens of thousands of lives sacrificed.

It's time to stop the war chariots and crimes against the people.

Humanity needs to shout in one voice: IT´S ENOUGH! and stand together on every continent with the humanizing force of nonviolence to defeat this imperialism and widespread intimidation - as did Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Silo and the like spirit insinuating itself now in the courageous attitudes of young Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

However, in the face of all this recklessness, a nonviolent consciousness is developing and spreading in this interconnected world, a consciousness that rejects violence in all forms and that will prevail when governments definitively renounce war as a means of resolving conflicts, when the dismantling of nuclear arsenals begins, and the withdrawal of foreign troops occupying territories is started, and with the initiation of a progressive and proportional disarmament of conventional weapons.

That awareness of nonviolence is present in millions of people around our planet, but it is urgently needed that we strengthen and channel that awareness into a social movement organized to oppose all forms of violence and to revolutionize this system that is dehumanizing and violent.
To all who, deep inside, feel the need to resist violence, then go ahead, oppose this war and express that opposition without fear: No war.! Yes to peace!

International Humanist Party (International Federation of Humanist Parties)

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