The International Federation of Humanist Parties (Humanist International) rejects and condemns French military intervention in the Republic of Mali, with the purported excuse to stop the advance of groups accused of terrorism.

The governments of the United States of America (USA) and France have armed such groups accused of terrorism and have contributed to form a climate conducive to such group’s interests by providing help, support and weapons to sectors accused as fundamentalists. The current pretext used to justify these violent actions is yet again the "war on terrorism." There is no excuse for military, economic or policy enactions that justify the use of force in international relations.

Is control of uranium, gold, oil, gas, ... the real reason for this war? This happened after the military intervention in Libya, Ivory Coast, and the coup in Niger, all leading to corrupt governments, and related to NATO.

As for the Tuareg people, by their choice of a nomadic life, they are discriminated against and have been neglected for centuries, often without access to health services or education. Victims of such violence and injustices are now managed and caused to slaughter entire populations in Mali on the altar of capitalism.

We are in 21st century Colonialism, based as always on military force. The holders of international financial capital, mis-aligned industry, traders in weapons and certain business groups are the real powers that have the organizational tools for plunder, using NATO.

Led by US-aligned European countries in NATO they are determined to overcome their own economic crises by invading countries regardless of causing damage to the civilian populations. In other words, trying to reverse the crisis of the capitalist system with a savage colonialism

Mali does not need bombs, corruption or submission. Regardless of ethnicity and cultures, the Malian population needs democracy, dignity, respect and prosperity. The Malian people's needs to decide its own future.

Humanists repudiate any foreign intervention in the territory of the Republic of Mali, repudiate its neocolonial attitude of governments, of the US, British and the French government, representatives of a false alternative to neoliberalism called "European socialism."

Humanists defend the right of peoples to self-determination, and put forward the core values of the human being - human rights and respect for life.

INTERNATIONAL HUMANIST PARTY - International Federation of Humanist Parties.

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