Humanists reject foreign intervention in Ukraine and ask for astute reflection on a dire situation

Humanists reject foreign intervention in Ukraine and ask for astute reflection on a dire situation - [field_topic-terms]

The International Humanist Party (IHP) condemns the interference of third countries acting covertly or overtly, in areas considered strategic for military plans or natural resources or for any other reason, or claims of annexation of countries, either by a block or other. This time specifically rejecting the interventionism in Ukraine which is here seen as a last expression of those aggressive policies so far always implemented and keeping humanity in a level of violence that can be described as prehistoric with the great risks posed to world peace.

The IHP identifies an urgent need for dialogue and respect for the popular will by governments, even within formal democracies far from the democratic ideal and to any other measures proposed by the town-people freely in real democracies, showing full respect for the rights of the political, religious and ethnic minorities.

Underlying all of this, the IPH reaffirms the validity of the programme of the World March for Peace and Non-violence (2009/10) that seeks to facilitate worldwide nuclear disarmament, the immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories, the elimination of all nuclear weapons and the progressive and proportional reduction of conventional weapons; signing non-aggression treaties between countries and the renunciation by governments of the use of war as a means to resolve conflicts.

As humanists we look equilaterally on both sides that are locked within a hegemonic anti-human system in self-opposition. We seek to raise awareness of the urgency of active nonviolence, and that all organizations and individuals to reflect on the processes, looking to defend and preserve world peace, especially in the areas of economic and cultural interests, and the political, to add their contribution and open the way to a Universal Human Nation.

For the International Humanist Party (Federation of Humanist Parties)

Luis Ammann Secretary General

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