The Spanish Humanist Party in municipal and regional elections in May

The Spanish Humanist Party in municipal and regional elections in May - [field_topic-terms]

Humanists have their own lists in 14 municipalities, comprising of more than 400 people (60 percent are women). In addition, concurs in two autonomous communities and the Juntas Generales of Bilbao and Durango-Arratia. There will also be humanist candidates on different platforms in other cities.

The Humanist Party participates in municipal elections in cities and towns of ten regions. Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo, Albacete and Badajoz are the capitals where the HP has submitted list for the municipal elections to be held on May 24 this year. There will also be humanists candidates in the municipalities of Vigo, Alcobendas, Alcalá de Henares, Basauri, Seseña and Chozaz de Canales, for a total of 14 municipalities and more than 400 candidates, of which 60 percent are women.

In Malaga and Las Palmas, the militants of the base teams of both cities decided to support platforms that bring together parties and social movements for participate in municipal elections. The PH has also submitted lists for the regional elections in Madrid and Asturias; and to Juntas Generales in Bilbao and Durango-Arratia.

The Humanist Party during this campaign presents a message that goes beyond the traditional dialectic of parties. Because the only exit in the times we live is the total change. It is the global schema which must be put into question by the need to establish new priorities and new life projects. And it needs more than a political party to produce that change. It will be human intention, pushing freely from each individual, what will manifest in personal change and a new sensibility that will have its social expression and finally will reach to the political field. But it is difficult to understand and promote changes in the human process if the own life is not organized and oriented in the positive direction. It is a personal and social change what we need. Moving from the individual to the social.

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