We aim to have procedures that allow us to exchange , choose, decide , and act through the mechanisms of direct democracy exercised by the party’s full members.
This implies the following:
• The organic defines full members those people who are affiliated to the party, participate in activities and contribute to the annual fundraising. This is the way to have the right to participate in exchanges and take part in decisions at all levels if he is interested on it, (base , national and international).
• The election of coordination teams at all levels : Links EB , NCT, ICT must be done by direct vote of the full members. Direct vote means that each full member will must be expressed in manifestly direct way, according to the established mechanism, and not through intermediaries.
• The reliability and transparency of the voting procedures , should be a result of the used mechanisms, avoiding the need to apply energy in additional controls.
1. Development of full member’s censuses: People who want to actively participate in the IHP and decision-making must sign up and log in at the IHP website ( , for inclusion in the register.
2. Member fees and census confirmation: Once a year the collection will be implemented, in which the registered members shall make a financial contribution to help to finance the party (according to the amount defined in each country). 50% of this contribution will be allocated to activities of the base team, 25% at the national level activities, and 25% for the the international team activities.
The right of voting will be based on the contributions done by the full member, and will be validated in the status of full member in the register of the web site.
3. Vote: All registered full members may vote for candidates to different levels, or stand as candidates.
1. Full member sign up in the web site; The route is as follows: . Register as a member . Don´t forget that once you´ve signed up at the website, you must confirm your registration by logging in for the first time in order to active your user. If this user does not confirm his / her registration in this way the same user cannot be updated to the status of full member. ATT! LAST DAY TO SIGN UP : 8TH OF MAY 2016.
2.- Membership fees: All full members pay their annual membership fee.

3. Elaboration of electoral roll: The ICT facilitates the current full member rolls from the register of the web site to the NCT (Nacional Coordination Teams) so they can work on it to prepare the new register.

3.1 The NCT, prepare and send to the ICT:

• A list of users who cease to be full members.

• A list of new full members.

• The two lists of members should contain USERNAME in each case.

3.2. Confirmation of census.
Census will be revised to set misregistrations. The NCT checks the roll of full members on the website, The route is as follows: . User . Password . Log in . Members . Member list . Chose country . Member status: Full Member
4. Conditions for the existence of National Teams: Both to carry out functions for the medium, and to connect with the International Coordinating Team, It will be required a National Team in all countries where there are full members.
5. Number of team members: International Coordination Team will be formed with 12 members. National Teams will have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 full members.
6. Auto-postulation: Full members who wish may run for any level or function: Base Team link in which he participates, National Team Member of the country in which it participates. Postulation to International and National Teams are mutually exclusive, but not Link function for the Base Team. Each candidate must communicate his/her postulation to the ICT, sending an email to and to international HP list if he/she is e member of it Each candidate can explain his/her postulation through the lists and must register as a candidate anywhere.
The lists of those who have been postulated will be published in the website There will also be a space on the website for each candidate where he/she can post his/her proposals or project.
Nominations will be individual (there will be no list system), and functions of the teams will be elected among themselves depending on the number of votes obtained by each one of them.
7. Final list of candidates:
Once the nominations are closed, the final list of candidates for each level will be developed and published, to be known by the voters. This data wil be supplemented by voting screens so each voter will access to it the day of the election.
8. Election: The voting shall take place at all levels and can be voted for 24 hrs. according to the time zone of each place. The voting will be done for three days. Outside these hours it will not be possible to enter the voting system of the web.
8.1. Election mechanism:

Each voter can choose a maximum of an amount equal to one third of the spaces to cover candidates at each level. In the case of candidates for the International Coordination Team, each voter can choose up to 4 people (about 12 places to be filled), and in the case of National Teams It depends on the total points to cover, and when the third is the total number with fraction, the integer part is taken. In the case of base teams one person must be chosen (the base team link, will be elected by the rest of the team member and website will not be needed for this). The web system will not allow the voter to vote for more than the maximum people, but you can vote for fewer candidates. For the international level, the 4 candidates that may be cast may be from any country. The same quota of one third of required fields indicates that the national teams have less than 12 members, example: if postulate may vote 7 to 2, if postulate 9-3 and finally when from running 12 or more may be up to 4 votes.
9. Canvassing: It will be automatic made by the website system. Once the election has been finished, the results will be posted on the web site.
10. Distribution of spaces to be covered in Base and National Teams: In Base Teams, it will be elected those who get the most votes. In case of a tie in the team it will be defined by consensus or face vote. In National Level it will become elected to the team who wins more votes till the number of spaces needed is provided. Those who are elected will have priority to choose the function they wish to pursue based on the votes obtained by each. (In the unlikely event of a tie at the last possible space to fill, It will be defined by consensus or face choice between all the elected people, excluding those who tied).
11. Distribution of required fields in the International Team
Regardless of the votes obtained each continent that has presented any candidates, will have minimum of one member in the ICT. People from every continent have obtained the most votes will fill these seats (regardless of their relative location with respect to candidates from other continents) The rest of the required fields will be distributed based on the votes received by each candidate , with the limit of no more than 2 people from the same country in the final composition of the team . Therefore , once the quotas are defined by continent , the Team will begin to complete by the next person who got the most votes , and so on , skipping cases correspond to someone from a country which has already entered 2 people . In the unlikely event of a tie at the last possible space, priority will be given to those who have obtained most votes from outside of their country of origin.

12. Distribution of roles in the International Team:
This team should work collegially because of its international characteristics, but for better organizational operativity and representation in front of means, some functions, like theese are required: General Secretary, Organization, International relationship, information, Press and Broadcasting, and others defined in the base on needs. For distribution of the functions will be used the view that people choose the most voted first function with respect to eligibility. However, to avoid columns in the event that the votes of the most voted candidate, come in over 80% of their home country, the elected team may raise the possibility that the General Secretariat is occupied by someone greater diversity of voters.
13.- Formalization of new Teams
After distribution of functions based on the established criteria is resolved, the composition of each National and International Teams will be published at the web site, as well as a list of links the Base Teams will be published on the web the composition of each national team and international, as well as a list of links the Base Teams.

14. Replacement of vacancies; Criteria: Ratified in ECI in March 2013. To vote again is no needed when it is established by full members who were the ones to cover the charges, a number like members-those who got the most votes, and the remainder as alternatives. This criterion was set in 2010 immediately taken place the first International Coordinating Team and the Teams of each country (ICT and NCT). The reason is that these elections are held every two years to provide replacements so that is the relevant inquiry. So: we no need to vote again when it established full members who were the ones to cover the charges. Comment The Election is quintessential consultation and full members elect the members and alternative members constitute those who don’t enter. Make voting process whenever a low occurs is to ignore the previous query on the same subject. This approach has already been applied in three-least-opportunities. As noted it was the first question to be resolved by the first International Team (ECI) as soon to be known the results were no casualties in the ECI (Paraguay) and in the ECN of Argentina and mentioned reasons was applied.
15. In case of doubt or disagreement, previous, during or after the elections, the ICT will attend to the queries arising from such situations and will seek solutions.
Full members may auto-postulate to one immediate re-election, after that they must leave at least a period to re-apply. This guideline arises from a consultation held at the Full Members in March 21, 2012.
The results of this consultation will be displayed on the website of IHP that you can see at the following link:

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