Manifestation with 300 000 in Portugal

On March 12 in Portugal, the largest mobilization since the Revolution of 1974 happened, involving 300,000 people in 11 cities. The call was initiated through Facebook by four young people, outraged by the poor working conditions.

Gaddafi and the contradiction of the violent

Shortly after the fall of their respective dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt, we are witnessing a strong questioning of the Gaddafi regime in Libya after 42 years in power; a man who, despite bloodily repressing his people, is unable to prevent the advance of the rebels who are being joined by increasing numbers of military personnel who refuse to repress.

Gaddafi, who rose to power in 1969, started out identified with the pan-Arab idealism of Nasser and was defined as a “socialist revolutionary”, a friend of the Kremlin and an enemy of the USA.


On the 14th of January the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali was deposed after 20 years in power. Even if the detonator for the popular rebellion was the self-immolation of a humble street vendor mistreated by the police, over many years the Tunisian people had to bear injustice of all kinds, alarming levels of unemployment and poverty and even the persecution of certain Islamic practices.

Let's defend democracy in Ecuador

The International Humanist Party rejects the intent of putsch that is being carried out in Ecuador, using as a pretext labour demands of police officers who took over barracks as a way of protest.

This intent to overthrow President Rafael Correa, is not just one more step among the pressures exerted by the right wing in that country, but ads up to the coup intents suffered by other governments in the region which dared to confront the economic powers that be.

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