In front of the military attacks on Libya perpetuated today by some European countries and the USA, the International Humanist Party expresses its total rejection of the use of violence and exhorts the International community to work urgently for a peaceful resolution of the civil war in this country.

Gaddafi and the contradiction of the violent

Shortly after the fall of their respective dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt, we are witnessing a strong questioning of the Gaddafi regime in Libya after 42 years in power; a man who, despite bloodily repressing his people, is unable to prevent the advance of the rebels who are being joined by increasing numbers of military personnel who refuse to repress.

Gaddafi, who rose to power in 1969, started out identified with the pan-Arab idealism of Nasser and was defined as a “socialist revolutionary”, a friend of the Kremlin and an enemy of the USA.

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