Official documents of the IHP

The Humanist Document

Humanists are women and men of this century, of this time. They recognize the achievements of humanism throughout history, and find inspiration in the contributions of many cultures, not only those that today occupy centre stage. They are also men and women who recognize that this century and this millennium are drawing to a close, and their project is a new world.

Humanists feel that their history is very long and that their future will be even longer.

Declaration of Principles

What system, what nation, what people, what organisation escapes the general crisis today.

Nihilism, unemployment, inflation, violence, torture, persecution and death infiltrate everywhere.

In this emergency, Humanism gives a response in order to organise social relations from the human being and for the human being. This response is a social commitment that becomes a fact in the formation of the Humanist Party.


The objective of the following is to broaden the ideas developed in the Declaration of Principles of the Humanist Party.

Before thinking about their origin or destiny human beings find themselves in a particular vital situation – a situation they did not choose.

Thus, human beings are born within a natural and social world plagued with physical and mental aggressions that they register as pain and suffering.

Foundations for Political Activity

The Humanist Party expressly proclaims:

  • The upholding of the democratic regime as a form of transition from formal democracy to real democracy.
  • The struggle for the achievement of democratic regimes in places where no such regimes exist or where they have been supplanted by regimes maintained by force.

On the other hand it expressly rejects:

  • The violation of human rights, the use of force as a method of resolving conflicts, and the personal concentration of power

As regards the methodology of action, it expressly confirms what was stated in its declaration of princip

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Humanist Party adopts the document known as the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which was approved on December 10, 1948, by the United Nations. In spite of the time elapsed since its proclamation, the spirit and words of the text are still valid today.

Recommendations by the coordination table of the First Congress of the Humanist Internation (Florence, 1989)

Report of the coordinating committee

Background and Recommendations

The work carried out for this Congress was realised by a Co-ordinating committee of the activities of the different Humanist Parties in formation. This commission assembled in 1984 in Madrid, Spain. This first meeting was held on May 1 during the culmination of the European campaign against unemployment.

At that time, the only current that spoke about Humanism in the sense of political action with an international character was the one represented by these parties.

Manual of Personal Development for members of the Humanist Movement

The Humanist Movement works for personal development as a function of social transformation.

It struggles for the humanization of the world as an internationalist and anti-discriminatory force based on solidarity and nonviolence as a methodology of action.

The doctrinaire aspects of the Movement’s activities and projects are based on the vision of Universal Humanism and this vision is the basis for its development and for the personal training of its members.

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